Heating & Air Conditioning

Buchanan & Callaway is an outstanding provider of heating and air condition services to the residential, commercial, and industrial sector. Our services include sales, service, maintenance, and repair of air conditioning and heating equipment. In addition, we also provide the installation and repairs of hot water heaters. Our expert technicians are trained to identify any emergency problems that may arise with your air conditioner or heating unit, and quickly resolve them before it turns into a major issue. This not only saves you a great deal of frustration but it also saves you on more expensive repairs Buchanan & Callaway is able to install, replace or repair any components of your HVAC system that may require it. As an officially licensed company, we are fully insured and bonded.

Whether you need furnace repair, heat pump replacement, new system installation, or comprehensive maintenance for your home’s heating and air condition system, you can rely on our skilled team to get the job done quickly and efficiently!


If you don’t know this already, regular maintenance for your heating and air conditioning units is very important. The people who don’t realize this are often those whose systems unexpectedly break down, leaving them without any heating or air conditioning during some of the most uncomfortable times of year. Besides helping avoid unexpected breakdowns, tune-ups are important for helping your unit recover lost efficiency, operate more safely, increase the overall lifespan of the unit, improve your overall level of comfort, and reduce your operating expenses. Ideally your heating and air conditioning system should be inspected at least once a year.